How to Write a Research Paper Fast?

A research paper is a form of academic paper that bases on in-depth and original research work. The writing process of a research paper is somehow time talking and complicated. A research paper is vital as it affects the student’s final grade. The paper needs intense research and strong communication skills. Are you stuck on […]Continue reading

How to Write an Abstract Using the AMA Format

It’s essential to use structured abstracts in writing clinical reviews and systematic reviews according to American Medical Association Format. Students writing initial studies or the systematic review should use the structured abstract. You can use non-structured abstracts but in papers listed in that category. The AMA-11 doesn’t tell which font size to use in your […]Continue reading

Guide on the Parts of a Research Paper

Specified parts of a research paper won’t make your life as a student a challenge. They make it manageable. The diverse elements of a research paper provide a consistent structure. They make a research project to be more accessible and help you with the scientific method to use. The parts guide your writing process and […]Continue reading

How to Find Good Sources for a Research Paper?

Looking for new sources for research papers is sometimes a tedious task. When you begin your research, it is a good idea to start with the usual search engines. These search engines include Google and others like Wikipedia. Most times, you will not find these sources in your essay. Some of the tips that one […]Continue reading

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